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Serving to optimize

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What we offer

Sales of Stamping, Welding, Polishing Robots, Feeders, Manipulators, Hydraulic Press/ Forming Press and Quick Die Change System

  • Stamping Automation Consultation and Service

  • Fixture Designs

  • Maintenance and Service


How We Work


We plan wisely according to your production-line layout and your manufacturing flow.

Actual Planning

Upon confirmation, we immediately begin our work by coordinating with our customers, visiting their sites and collaborating with the team for a smooth process.

Test Run

After installation, our team would continue with the test runs to ensure the flow of productions.


After testing each product, the robots are installed on our customer's sites with appropriate electrical and mechanical works.


We manufacture fixtures, safety fences or conveyors models within the scheduled delivery dates, and ship the ordered robots on-time.


Once the test run is successful, we provide specialized robot training for our customers.

 Concept Designs

We cover a complete one-stop service within your budget, with the most optimized, appropriate concept designs for your manufacturing product.


We transform our automative concept into 3-D simulative methods.

After-sales Service

We extend our service even after-sales and prioritize our customer’s satisfaction with our work.

Production Line Layout