Die Exchange Cart

Quick Mold Exchange Cart

Sunzuant Quick mold exchange carts designed for the production that required high frequency of mold exchange. It helps to maximize productivity, fast transferring and accurate positioning and safer and easier operation. In addition, SUNZUANT provides customize design to accommodate many possible applications of press working environment.

Mechanical Characteristics
  • Fully hydraulic power control

  • Cart and push-pull system are equipped with detecting device for exact positioning

  • Dedicated rail cart design

  • Cart travel is driven by AC reducer motor with inverter

  • Push-pull system is driven by AC reducer motor with inverter

  • Auto & manual mode

  • High capacity roller with low friction mold transfer

  • Guide pillar, buzzer and alarm lamp for safety operation

  • Cart can be installed in any side of the press to fit any possible workshop layout

  • Using extension loop roller for better access to the press and also saving more space

Function Diagram of Die Exchange Cart
Type of Die Exchange Cart

Single-workstation mobile cart (Front-loading mould)

Single-workstation fixed cart (Front-loading mould)

Dual-workstation mobile cart (Side-loading mould)

Single-workstation mobile cart (1 cart for 3 machines)

Single-workstation fixed cart (Side-loading mould)

Single-workstation fixed rotating cart (Front-loading mould)

Dual-workstation mobile cart (4 in-line machines)

Dual-workstation mobile cart (Front-loading mould)

Dual-workstation mobile cart (1 cart for 4 machines)

Tri-workstation mobile cart (1 cart for 2 machines)